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The AM blog has more than 430,000 readers and 87% of them are interested in a career in multimedia, graphic design or other related fields. That is why as much as possible, we want to share our knowledge and expertise. We have already done that and now, we are looking for new instructors.

Write for Us Today

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We are inviting experienced graphic designers out there who are willing to share their own professional experiences, learnings, and insights in this field of work. Who better to educate the next generation of multimedia professionals other than the previous generation right?

So, we are asking you and the passion within you to share what you can to teach thousands of creatives all over Canada to make something out of it.

What to Write About

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We are hoping for write-ups to be expository but writers are free to come up with their narrative, as long as they can share something that other people can learn or find value in. You can share your graphic design techniques or maybe top reminders. You can start by giving out your top tips for beginners. So, if you are interested, contact us today and visit our website to learn more.