About Andre Myette

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André Myette from the great white north aka, Canada is one of the top multimedia artists and writers in the country. Myette is known for his advanced skills and knowledge in different creative fields such as graphic design, web design, advanced multimedia, and writing.

Advanced Multimedia and Design

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In 2012, Myette opened his own small business specializing in web design, graphic design/arts, and social media management. Myette has a strong background in design for printed media and company logos.

He used everything he knows to close client deals one after another and he is now known for his creative style for different online and printed platforms.

The AM Blog

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The André Myette blog better known as the AM blog was created back in 2014. It was a simple blog when it first started releasing blog entries. Now, it is one of the top blogs about multimedia and writing in Canada.

The blog tackles everything about Myette and his expertise. Not only that, but we and our team also publish informative, engaging, and timely content about the latest trends and developments in the creative industry.

The AM blog mostly focuses on graphic design, writing, and independent artists.

Fun Fact About Myette

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Back in 2009 to 2011, Myette managed a small pharmacy in Beaverbank, Nova Scotia to earn more money to expand his resources and expertise for graphics design. In 2012, as you already know, he started his own business and it is now a big success.Contact us today to learn more.